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Why Lazy Dog Loungers®

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​Most of us dog lovers want our pups with us as we spend time in the pool, river or lake. And swimming is fabulous exercise for dogs because it doesn't put stress on their joints.  However, a dog tires out pretty quickly and wants to join us as we hang out in the water.  People rafts are either inflatable or made of a spongy material that floats.  Both of these types of floats are easily destroyed by your dog attempting to climb on it to rest or be close.  So you go through, "Do I want to have my expensive floats destroyed?" or "Do I want to leave my dog at home?"  Neither option is a good one.  Your answer is to get your dog his own Lazy Dog Loungers® raft.

Lazy Dog Loungers® was created to allow you to bring your pup to the water and feel comfortable knowing that he has his own place to hang out with you.  It is durable and is not an inflatable device.  It was built just for him and is designed to be semi-submersible, which means your dog is laying in water on the float so he stay cools.  The heavier your dog, the more submersion he will get from the float.  You can attach it to your pool's handrail, your boat or any other stable environment to ensure it doesn't float away.

When the day is done, you're happy and your dog is happy!

For their safety, we always recommend you have a life jacket on your dog when they are in the water.