Lazy Dog Loungers was inspired by our dog, Sebastian's, love of the water and swimming.  He would stay in the water for hours as we hung out at our dock or on our boat.

After ripping up countless floats and realizing our friends were having the same problems, we decided it was time to find a float designed specifically for dogs. Sebastian had a few different ones and our friend, Julie, tried to repair the floats Sebastian ripped, but it soon became clear that we needed to design a dog raft that was stable, durable and kept him in the water while he rested. 

Sebastian loved it.  He could swim, play water fetch and then climb on his own raft and rest. Because our raft is semi-submersible it kept him cool while he rested. Keeping the water circulating on the raft was key for hot dogs on the lake! 

Shortly after making rafts for our friends' dogs, we decided it was time to share our story and our unique dog float with other dog lovers. And so, Lazy Dog Loungers was founded.  

For several years Lazy Dog Loungers was run by four friends and distributed only in Northern Georgia. In 2018 we met the owner of Better Options Company and realized we'd found someone who shared our passion for dogs and for American manufacturing. 

​Lazy Dog Lounger is now manufactured in Cornelia, Georgia and available for purchase nationwide on Amazon.

The Raft Story

Lazy Dog Loungers

We're done working, now it's time to go swimming.  Woo Hoo!!

  • Swimming
  • Playing water fetch
  • Resting on my Lazy Dog Lounger
  • Eating (of course)

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