Lazy Dog Loungers

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The small Lazy Dog Lounger measures 42" by 27" and is designed for small dogs under 25 pounds.  Given the size of a small dog, they will need assistance getting on the raft.  And, based on the weight of the dog the raft may not reach a semi-submersible state. 

The medium Lazy Dog Lounger measures 56" by 27" and is designed for dogs between 25 and 50 pounds.  Based on the weight of your dog, they may need a bit of assistance from you as they learn to climb on the raft.  The level of submersion that the medum raft gains will be directly related to the weight of your dog....the heavier the dog the more submersive the raft.

The large Lazy Dog Lounger measures 60" by 34" and is designed for large dogs over 50 pounds.  Larger dogs gain the greatest submersion on the raft. We suggest you spend a few minutes teaching your dog how to get on and off the raft.  After a few rounds of encouragement your dog should readily climb on and rest.