• Swimming
  • Playing water fetch
  • Resting on my Lazy Dog Lounger
  • Eating (of course)

Lazy Dog Loungers was founded as a result of our dog, Sebastian's, love of the water and swimming.  He would stay in the water for hours as we hung out at our dock or on our boat.

After ripping up countless floats and friends we talked about needing a float specifically for him.  Our friend, Julie, tried to repair the floats but failing that decided to design a raft that was stable, durable and kept him in the water while he rested. 

He loved it.  He could swim, play water fetch and then climb on his own raft and rest.   The raft is semi-submersible so it keeps him cool while he rests because water circulates through it while he's on it.

After making a couple more for our other dogs, we decided to share our story and our products with other dog lovers.

And so, Lazy Dog Loungers was founded.  Lazy Dog Loungers is proudly made in the USA.

For their safety, we always recommend you have a life jacket on your dog when they are in the water.

The Lazy Dog Loungers Raft Story

Lazy Dog Loungers

We're done working, now it's time to go swimming.  Woo Hoo!!

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